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Image from Wired Science

Computing has come a long way since the days of computers with 128 mB of RAM. Recently, the Department of Energy announced that in 2010, 1.3 billion processor hours will be allotted for use by scientists of various fields. This will allow computer simulations like never seen before, possibly including entire galaxies. (link)


Zombies in Austin

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I know this is somewhat old, but zombies have invaded Austin! Well, at least that’s what this roadside sign says:

(Image credit:Chris Nakashima-Brown,

Anonymous hackers gained entry to the computers programming the signs early on the morning of January 26, giving commuters several amusing messages about zombies. Read more at All Ablog Austin and the Dallas Morning News.

Conjoined Twins

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Image credit: King Abdulaziz Medical City for National Guard, via CNN

Earlier today, a pair of Egyptian boys born as conjoined twins were separated in Saudi Arabia. According to CNN, these surgeries are provided free of charge to families by Saudi King Abdullah’s philanthropic initiatives. This is the 21st such surgery to be performed through this program; the Saudi Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, commented that “We have treated twins from different religions, from different nations 13 countries, four continents … And we don’t look at the color or the ethnic group or the nationality or the religion.” (Read more at


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No, silly, not the song, the emotion! Wondering why people sometimes faint while listening to their candidate of choice deliver an inspiring speech? The answer lies in a nerve called the vagus nerve, which is stimulated during times of elevation. A scientist from the University of California at Berkeley has been studying the emotion of uplift by using president-elect Barack Obama’s election-night speech to inspire this elusive emotion. Read more in Slate magazine. (link)

Make Google employees sing

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Google Czech Republic has posted a most amusing website where you can click on employees’ heads to make them sing in harmony. Even if you don’t understand Czech, it’s still funny! (link, via The Presurfer)

Snowzilla rises again!

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Snowzilla was an annual fixture in a suburb of Anchorage, Alaska since 2005. Unfortunately, its reign as the resident giant snowman of Airport Heights came to an end recently, when city officials, peeved about the increased traffic in Snowzilla’s neighborhood, left its creator a cease-and-desist order. Thanks to some local pranksters, though, Snowzilla was reincarnated yesterday bigger (25 feet tall) and better than ever.

(link, link, via MetaFilter. image: Jim Lavrakas, Anchorage Daily News)

Woman paints car with nail polish

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A woman from Urbana, Maryland was noted in the Maryland Gazette for repainting her car entirely with nail polish. Writes Chris Brown,

“When Jill Bell noticed a dent on the hood of her car two winters ago, she thought it would be appropriate to paint a Band-Aid on the scrape.

After the painted bandage survived the ice and snow of winter, Bell decided that she wanted to repaint her car entirely – in nail polish.

Over the next 13 months, from September 2007 to this past October, she completely covered her car in a quilt-like pattern – as a quilter, she found the multi-pattern paint job fitting, she said.”

(link, via Neatorama. Image: Bill Ryan, The Gazette)