Odd Baby Names

Here are 6 odd, unique, and downright strange baby names.

(image via Wikimedia Commons)


In recent years, there have been 23 baby girls named Sparkle. ‘Nuff said.


Thanks to the recent influx of gladiator movies, 699 boys last year were named Maximus.


Yes, like the sports network. Two boys last year were given this…unique…name, one from Michigan and the other from Texas


According to professor Cleveland Evans, 22 girls were named Infiniti last year after the automobile brand.

And the strangest one of all…

Eclipse Glasses

Most people know about such peculiar names as Moon Unit Zappa and Apple Martin, but what about Eclipse Glasses Banda? In June 2001, a solar eclipse passed over southern Africa. In Zimbabwe and Zambia, the respective governments commenced massive public service campaigns to warn against staring at the sun during the eclipse. Evidently, people were inspired by the eclipse and named their children after various elements of an eclipse.

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