X-treme poodle grooming

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From Joshuah Bearman’s blog, photos of poodles groomed to the extreme, featuring poodles groomed to look like chickens, camels, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (link, via BoingBoing)


Pete the Purple Squirrel

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This just in from the Daily Telegraph: a purple (!) squirrel has been found wandering the grounds of an English school. The cause of its…unusual fur color is likely due to paint, printer ink, or dye. Read more at The Daily Telegraph. (Image credit : Solent News and Photo Agency)

Galaxy Zoo

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Have you classified a galaxy today? Well, you can satisfy that craving to label galaxies as elliptical or spiral now at Galaxy Zoo. The team behind it is calling on layman astronomers everywhere to take a look at hundreds of thousands of images and classify them; according to a scientist with the project, “The human brain is actually better than a computer at pattern recognition tasks like this. Whether you spend five minutes, 15 minutes or five hours using the site, your contribution will be invaluable.” Before you start, Galaxy Zoo puts you through a short tutorial on the differences between galaxies – even if you’re a complete novice you can participate. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and classify! (link, via Neatorama)

Unlucky House

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Economic times are tough, and the housing market is especially bad for sellers. It’s apparently even worse for those who are trying to sell houses numbered 13. The superstition against the number 13 has been around for years; skyscrapers often omit the 13th floor, and many streets do not have a house number 13. Read more about this peculiar superstition at BBC News.

How many Obamas?

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According to All Headline News, there are only about 20-50 families in the U.S. with the surname Obama. This is in sharp contrast to the some 11,000 Clintons and 60,000 Bushes. (link)


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Chipmunks are already beginning their takeover of the world. They’re starting small – cars and such. The Northwest Indiana Post-Tribune reports a chipmunk’s unusual choice of location for its nut cache: under the hood of a local woman’s vehicle. (link)

;-) Isn’t Free Anymore

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The “wink” emoticon – ;-) – was recently trademarked by Russian businessman Oleg Teterin. :-(

Luckily for the average texting-obsessed person out there, the trademark is only aimed at corporations, not private citizens.

This begs the question, however: What’s next? Trademarking the alphabet? (link)